California Internet

Making Connections

California Internet is driven to advance innovation in broadband delivery. With brilliant inventors and ambitious engineers at the core of California Internet, we are focused on overcoming every obstacle that we find. The more substantial the problem, the greater welcome we give it. This is what setsCalifornia Internet apart from the rest. We have completely dissected traditional Internet delivery methods and identified every pain point from beginning to end. California Internet does not accept the status quo.

Starting with long haul transport to last mile delivery, we have left no stone unturned and have built a revolutionary network and culture from the ground up. With intellectual property at the core of our business, the word competition does not exist.

In the eyes of California Internet, more important than anything else are the people. We are extremely passionate about our core values and beliefs. We are about creating environments where people are encouraged and uplifted. We truly care about your business, your employees and our own.