Rural Health Care Workshop

Potomac 6

The FCC’s Rural Health Care (RHC) Program is under strain. Demand for funding exceeded the $400M cap for the first time in 2016, and funding for 2017 is expected to be even tighter. SHLB is working with telehealth applicants, Congress, and the FCC to fund these networks, but the future of the program is uncertain. This Workshop will focus on the short-term and long-term future of the RHC program.

1. Funding Recipients – Tim Koxlien (TeleQuality), Walt Magnusson (Brazos Valley, Texas) and Rebecca Manna (Kalispell Regional Healthcare) will provide their perspective on obtaining funding from the program. TeleQuality is one of the largest recipients of RHC funding and the Brazos Valley Council of Governments received multi-year funding to deploy one of the largest fiber telehealth networks.

Moderator: Jeff Mitchell, Lukas, Lafuria, Gutierrez & Sachs, LLP
Tim Koxlien, TeleQuality Communications, Inc
Walt Magnussen, Texas A&M University
Rebecca Manna, Kalispell Regional Healthcare

2. RHC Administrators – FCC and USAC staff responsible for administering the RHC program will provide key insights into the future of this crucial program.

Moderator: Bill England, Health, Resources & Services Administration
Karen Lee, USAC
Radhika Karmarkar, FCC

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