Public-Private Partnerships Workshop

Potomac 6

This Workshop on Public-Private Partnerships (P3) will examine how local governments can work with private sector companies to expand the deployment and use of broadband services. The Trump administration has signaled a particular interest in P3s as a means of deploying infra-structure and Congress is considering legislation to promote P3s as well. Building partnerships among public, private and municipal entities is the key to connecting anchors.

1. What are P3s? – First, panelists will explore the broad-band P3 environment, describe the typical workings of a P3 mechanism for procurement and financing, and offer insights for anchors and public entities to advance their interests.

Moderator: Andrew Afflerbach, CTC Technology & Energy
Ashley Stelfox, CLIC
Waiching Wong, Infrastructure Advisory at IMG Rebel
Jeff Gavlinski, eX2 Technology

2. P3 Case Studies – The second session will examine specific case studies where parties have collaborated to deliver service where higher speed connectivity either did not or was not perceived to exist.

Moderator: Bob Collie, Parana River Group
John Burchett, Google Fiber
Paul Di Bastiani, Blue Star Networks
Heather Gold, Fiber Broadband Association

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