E-rate and Fiber Workshop

Potomac 2

The E-rate/Fiber Workshop will explore recent developments and future prospects for schools, libraries, and fiber providers seeking E-rate support to deploy fiber networks. The discussion will examine the recent round of questions from USAC concerning special construction, the information applicants must collect to receive approval, the allocation of fiber strands, and the timing for lighting dark fiber. Panelists will also discuss how to draft an RFP, evaluate competitive bids, obtain state matching funding, and overcome other funding hurdles.

1. Schools and Libraries: School and library representatives will provide their perspective on the competitive bidding process, including successes and challenges.

Moderator: Jon Bernstein, Bernstein Strategy Group
Denise Atkinson-Shorey, CoSN
Bob Bocher, American Libraries Association
Brian Stephens, Funds for Learning
Michael Ramsey, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

2. Policymakers: Attendees will hear the perspective of FCC and USAC officials reviewing E-rate fiber applications and the audience will have an opportunity to ask their most pressing questions.

Moderator: John Windhausen, SHLB Coalition
Elizabeth Drogula, Special Counsel, FCC
Craig Davis, Vice President, Schools and Libraries Program, USAC

3. Companies: Fiber companies and financing partners will provide examples of their progress in using E-rate to deploy fiber and will share their lessons learned.

Moderator: Rebecca Jacobs, Womble Carlyle Sandridge and Rice LLP
Greg Green, Fatbeam
John Honker, Magellan Advisors
Mike Wilson, CostQuest

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