Tom Rolfes (M)

Tom Rolfes (M)

State of Nebraska, Office of the CIO

Tom Rolfes has worked for the State of Nebraska Chief Information Officer and Nebraska Information Technology Commission since 1998. In his role as Education I.T. Manager, he coordinates telecommunications policy, infrastructure and funding development for K-20 public and private education. He is the administrative project leader for Network Nebraska, the statewide education network. Tom has Masters of Education degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Administration and further graduate work in Leadership Studies. Mr. Rolfes taught secondary science and technology for 15 years prior to this position. In his off-duty hours, Tom is an executive officer for the Nebraska Educational Technology Association (NETA) and is active with the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and Schools, Health, Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB).

Financing State Broadband Networks

Potomac 4

This panel will explore two different, successful state models for financing broadband networks. Nebraska has created a completely self-funded statewide network that has grown over 10 years to include 300 entities serving 100% of Nebraska public schools and colleges on less than $1.6 million per year. Minnesota has funded a State Office of Broadband Development […]