Todd Gray (M)

Todd Gray (M)

Gray Miller Persh LLP

Todd Gray is a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Gray Miller Persh LLP, where he represents public broadcasters, educators and other entities engaged in educational telecommunications.  For over 37 years, Mr. Gray has worked with hundreds of public broadcasting stations, many of the country’s major universities and university systems, and numerous community colleges, county and regional offices of education and school districts.  He is also counsel to the National EBS Association.

Spectrum and EBS Policy in the Trump Administration

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Wi-Fi and EBS spectrum could not be more integral to America’s economic future.  Mobile and Wi-Fi connected devices will generate almost 70 percent of all Internet traffic this year. For those in need of increased educational or career opportunities, medical services, and financial services, smart national spectrum policies will be crucial to ensuring enough capacity […]

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