Susan Corbett (M)

Susan Corbett (M)

Chief Executive Officer, Axiom Technologies

Susan Corbett is the Chief Executive Officer at Axiom Technologies. She is a provider and advocate of fast, affordable, and reliable broadband services for rural communities. In 2005, Ms. Corbett joined Axiom Technologies as Chief Financial Officer. Under her leadership, the telecommunications company has designed and constructed more than 100 access points connecting more than 2,500 square miles in one of America’s roughest terrains — rural Maine.

Ms. Corbett is a preeminent authority on rural broadband deployment and works closely with economic development and rural organizations to advance internet and wireless technologies and their adoption.

Ms. Corbett’s clear company-wide direction has garnered Axiom tremendous recognition in the form of awards, media coverage, and grants. Most recently, Axiom was awarded a Microsoft grant to provide internet access to homes in Washington County, Maine, using TV white space.

Before joining Axiom, Ms. Corbett was the owner of a medical billing and consulting firm in Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. Corbett migrated and trained staff at medical practices to transfer paper systems into digital solutions, as well as helping them use technology to advance care. Helping people is at the heart of everything she does.

Ms. Corbett is a public speaker, educator, and advocate who is dedicated to providing broadband access and digital literacy to rural communities everywhere.

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