Scott Boone

Scott Boone

Kent County

Scott Boone is the Director of Information Technology for the Government of Kent County, Maryland.  Mr. Boone supervises a staff which supports all county government administration, public safety, and utility agencies including engineering support for the public school system.  Mr. Boone is the project lead for the award-winning Kent County Broadband Expansion Program which, upon completion in the coming months, will connect every police department, library branch, town hall, community center, fire department, public school and administration facility in the County.  Mr. Boone began his career in technology working for a firm located in Baltimore, MD but is now fortunate enough to work on his native Eastern Shore of Maryland where he resides with his wife and three children.

Partner Up!: Kent County’s P3 Success Story

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A community’s approach to broadband deployment can define success or failure. That’s why SHLB’s Broadband Action Plan and SETDA’s Broadband Imperative, both released in the past year, supported careful broadband planning, Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), Dig Once policies, and gigabit connectivity among other recommendations. Larry Irving and Tracy Weeks will outline these best practices and then […]

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