John Honker

John Honker

President & CEO, Magellan Advisors

John is a seasoned broadband and telecom executive with 20 years experience across public and private sectors. His first 10 years were spent with Columbus Networks planning and managing broadband networks across 20 countries in the Americas region. Under his leadership, Columbus’ Internet Services grew from $0 to $100 million in annual revenue over 7 years.

As a key founder of Magellan, John has managed over 100 public and private broadband projects across the US and abroad. Other engagements included the development of the City of Riverside, CA’s fiber business model, the City of Baltimore’s citywide fiber strategies and Missoula’s next-generation fiber plan. John holds an MBA in Finance and Management from the University of Miami and a BA in Philosophy from Stetson University.

E-rate and Fiber Workshop

Potomac 2

The E-rate/Fiber Workshop will explore recent developments and future prospects for schools, libraries, and fiber providers seeking E-rate support to deploy fiber networks. The discussion will examine the recent round of questions from USAC concerning special construction, the information applicants must collect to receive approval, the allocation of fiber strands, and the timing for lighting […]

E-rate Workshops