Ellen Satterwhite

Ellen Satterwhite

Vice President at Glen Echo Group, LLC

Ellen Satterwhite joins the Glen Echo Group as a Director. She helps clients formulate policy positions and tell their stories with good one-liners backed by solid data.

As a co-author of the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, Consumer Policy Advisor to the Commission and freelance consultant, her work has been written about in Huffington Post, AllThingsD, CNet, Geekwire, GigaOm and CivSource. Previously, Ellen served as Program Director for Gig.U, supporting communities seeking gigabit speeds.

Satterwhite earned a Master’s in Public Affairs from UT Austin and a BA from Grinnell College. She believes brevity is the soul of wit and someone should tell that to YouTube commenters.

Spectrum and EBS Policy in the Trump Administration

Potomac 6

Wi-Fi and EBS spectrum could not be more integral to America’s economic future.  Mobile and Wi-Fi connected devices will generate almost 70 percent of all Internet traffic this year. For those in need of increased educational or career opportunities, medical services, and financial services, smart national spectrum policies will be crucial to ensuring enough capacity […]

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