Brett Hill

Brett Hill

CEO, FTS Fiber

Prior to founding FTS Fiber, Mr. Hill served as COO of a highly competitive telecom company where he oversaw the construction, testing and turn-up of a 280-mile network through the Baltimore metropolitan area, from initial construction at start-up, to ownership transfer of $30MM asset. Mr. Hill has spent his entire career working with leading edge technologies, forming best practices for deployment. From the early days of VoIP to LTE technologies on US and Caribbean cell networks, Mr. Hill has been an innovator of service strategies. Today, Mr. Hill is focusing on the growing bandwidth demands and creating the fiber infrastructure necessary to support the needs of communities, schools and businesses.

Partner Up!: Kent County’s P3 Success Story

Regency Ballroom

A community’s approach to broadband deployment can define success or failure. That’s why SHLB’s Broadband Action Plan and SETDA’s Broadband Imperative, both released in the past year, supported careful broadband planning, Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), Dig Once policies, and gigabit connectivity among other recommendations. Larry Irving and Tracy Weeks will outline these best practices and then […]

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